Our Services
customers can select & use the services they need when they need them

The Platinum Purchase Advantage

Our package of services has been custom tailored, and is based on what we've learned through our own experiences and what we have found is most helpful to customers off and running with alpacas. Before we were alpaca owners, we were alpaca customers waiting to get started.

As part of every sale we offer the following

  • Staff who are friendly and experienced to support your needs.
  • Full guarantees with each and every purchase
  • Farm financing available on an individual basis for alpaca purchases or breeding purchases
  • Services to board and take care of your animals once you purchase them!
  • Award-winning herd sires to "service" (breed to) your animals
  • References to help set up the infrastructure (fencing, shelters) for your farm and property
  • Shearing Day services to help shear your animals
  • Hands-on training at our farm for handling your alpacas, including routine alpaca husbandry.
  • Training on how to "skirt" alpaca fleeces to get the most out of your fiber.

With the Platinum Purchase Advantage, customers can select and use the services they need WHEN they need them.